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May 22

Akorbi Champions Female Leadership with Our Recent Executive Promotions

At Akorbi, our commitment to gender equality in the workplace is key to our culture. We are proud to demonstrate that commitment by announcing the recent promotion of three outstanding women to our executive leadership team: Maria Clara Buzzini, Esther Benitez, and Elizabeth Gonzalez. These strategic promotions have significantly increased the representation of women on our leadership team, surpassing 70%, a proud milestone.

Maria Clara Buzzini, the first employee of Akorbi back in 2003, began her career as a translator before advancing through various roles including Project Manager, Program Manager, and Strategic Account Manager. Recently promoted to Executive Director of Client Success, Maria brings 21 years of dedication and multifaceted experience to her new role. Throughout her career at Akorbi, she has been instrumental in developing client success strategies. Her extensive background in translation services, combined with a comprehensive understanding of Akorbi’s operations across multiple positions, has perfectly prepared her for this pivotal role. Through her work, Maria has played a key role in streamlining processes and strengthening client relationships.

Esther Benitez has rejoined Akorbi as Vice President of Localization. With her return, and over a decade of cumulative experience at Akorbi, Esther helps to illustrate the positive and supportive culture we cultivate. Her extensive industry experience and expertise in localization solutions are invaluable as we continue to expand and enhance our offerings.

Elizabeth Gonzalez,previously serving as Director of Global Operations and Account Management since 2019, has been promoted to Vice President of Interpretation and Multilingual Customer Support. Elizabeth's five-year journey at Akorbi has rapidly demonstrated her leadership skills, significantly helping to improve both operational efficiency and client satisfaction. With over 15 years of experience in administrative support and business process outsourcing, Elizabeth uniquely combines strategic vision with practical execution, playing a crucial role in our recent achievements.

Shaping Success with Women Leaders at Akorbi

The rise of women in leadership roles at Akorbi reflects our commitment to a future where diversity and equality are essential for innovation and growth. The development of female leaders starts with the entire workforce at Akorbi, which consists of an impressive 55% women.  With women constituting 47.4% of the US workforce in 2021 but only 31.7% of top executive roles, Akorbi proudly stands above these national averages, championing an inclusive leadership team. Akorbi continues to lead this initiative, aligning our leadership structure with the diverse needs of our global customers. Our strategies, led by skilled women who demonstrate that leadership transcends gender distinctions, have been successful and continue to evolve. Inspired by our team, we are excited about future successes that will define our legacy.

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