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Akorbi's Healthcare Solutions

Modern healthcare demands innovative and adaptive solutions. With Akorbi at your side, healthcare professionals can be confident in their communication, ensuring every patient feels understood and valued, regardless of the language they speak. Embrace the future of healthcare communication with Akorbi's expertise and commitment

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Reimagining Healthcare with Language Inclusivity

By combining industry expertise with our unwavering commitment to innovation, we work diligently to connect healthcare providers with their diverse patient population. Our suite of services ensures that communication hurdles never hinder the delivery of superior healthcare. Partner with Akorbi and empower your organization to deliver high-quality, personalized, and linguistically inclusive care

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Akorbi's Suite of Language Services Includes:


Clear and accurate documentation is essential in the healthcare field. That's why our Translation Services go above and beyond to accurately translate medical documents, patient records, and procedural guidelines. We cover multiple languages to make sure linguistic nuances are maintained, promoting clear communication and trust within your patient community.

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Navigating the diverse world of healthcare requires a deep understanding of cultural nuances. That's why our Localization Services go beyond translation alone. We also adapt your content to fit seamlessly with the cultural and regional norms of your intended audience. This approach promotes meaningful patient engagement, building trust and compliance in healthcare markets around the globe.

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Face-to-face engagements are fundamental in healthcare. Our skilled interpreters, proficient in medical terminologies, offer Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), and scheduled in-person services. Whether it's doctor-patient consultations or medical workshops, we ensure no crucial information is overlooked, guaranteeing every patient receives outstanding care, no matter the language challenges.

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ADAPT Portal

In the age of digital healthcare transformation, our ADAPT Technology Platform stands out. It's more than just a tool – it's a comprehensive solution that integrates translation, localization, and interpretation into one cohesive platform. With intuitive design and advanced features, healthcare providers can effortlessly access linguistically tailored content and services, enhancing patient care and experience in the digital age.

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Compliance, Certification, and Trust

At Akorbi, we take pride in being a leading women-owned enterprise that is dedicated to building real connections with our clients. We bring together our expertise in languages, innovative technology, and skilled professionals to deliver exceptional services. Our commitment to global standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 showcases our unwavering focus on delivering top-notch solutions. With us, healthcare providers can trust that precision, security, and quality are always our top priorities.

Elevate Healthcare Communication with Akorbi

In the competitive landscape of healthcare communication, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. While many may claim expertise, Akorbi stands apart, merging precision, empathy, and adaptability into every interaction. Our edge lies in our deep understanding of healthcare intricacies, enabling us to craft Custom Language Access Plans that are tailored, not templated. With Akorbi, it's not just about meeting demands; it's about anticipating them. Our commitment ensures that every patient, regardless of language, feels valued, understood, and prioritized.

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