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Your Approved Vendor for Language Excellence

As an approved translation vendor for Northside Independent School District, Akorbi is excited to bring our specialized language services to the heart of San Antonio. Our aim is to support the district's international students, parents who speak different languages, and a diverse team of staff members with precision and care.

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San Antonio is Diverse

  • 749k Spanish Speakers
  • 7.7k Tagalog Speakers
  • 7.5k Arabic Speakers
  • 6.7k Chinese Speakers

Joining Forces for Accessible Education

At Akorbi, our mission is to make education accessible for all students and their families, regardless of their native language. Through our translation and interpretation services, tailored to meet your community's needs, Northside ISD can ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel academically and socially. By partnering with us, we can create an inclusive educational environment where language is not a barrier, and everyone feels understood, valued, and empowered.

Translation and Localization Services

Akorbi understands the unique challenges faced by educational institutions in ensuring every student and their family has access to crucial information in their native language. We're here to help you overcome the barriers of language by offering comprehensive translation and localization services. From course outlines and textbooks to research documentation, we make academic materials universally accessible. We don’t stop there; we also translate essential administrative documents such as enrollment applications, policy manuals, safety procedures, and guides for parents.

Akorbi's Translation and Localization Services Include:

Content Creation and Moderation

Akorbi's multilingual content creation and moderation service ensures educational content is accessible in multiple languages.

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E-Learning and Course Development

Akorbi helps educators develop e-learning and custom courses that connect with students of all backgrounds and demographics.

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Multilingual Marketing Solutions

With multilingual marketing solutions, Akorbi can assist in reaching diverse audiences, boosting enrollment and campus diversity.

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Multimedia Localization Solutions

Akorbi's multimedia localization service adapts your educational materials into various languages, for students of all demographics.

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Software Localization Solutions

Through software localization, Akorbi tailors educational apps and platforms for different cultural contexts, making digital tools usable and relevant for all backgrounds.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Akorbi provides multilingual desktop publishing to produce educational materials that are accurate and understandable in any language, supporting clarity in learning.

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Website Localization Solutions

Akorbi's website localization service turns educational websites into accessible resources for international students and teachers, expanding global access to information.

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Multilingual Text-to-Speech Services

Akorbi's multilingual text-to-speech technology offers auditory learning options that cater to diverse student needs, including those with visual impairments or reading challenges.

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Accessible Education with Akorbi Interpreting

Akorbi's interpretation services, including support for American Sign Language (ASL), provide invaluable assistance to school districts. This ensures that non-English speaking students, their families, and those who use ASL can fully participate in the educational process. Our skilled interpreters offer real-time, accurate communication during parent-teacher conferences, school board meetings, and any other event where direct interaction is crucial.

Why Akorbi?

Woman and Minority Owned Business

Choosing Akorbi, a business led by women and minorities, supports Northside ISD's commitment to diversity in its community partnerships.

Expertise in 170+ Languages

Akorbi offers services across more than 170 languages, ensuring Northside ISD can reach out to and connect with families from any linguistic background.

High Quality Language Services

With linguists who undergo thorough training and ongoing education, Akorbi provides Northside ISD with dependable and precise language services.

Expertise Within the Education Sector

Akorbi brings specialized knowledge of educational environments, offering Northside ISD customized language solutions that support teaching and administrative needs.

Technology-Backed Solutions

Northside ISD can benefit from Akorbi's innovative technology solutions, like ADAPT and RunMyProcess, to streamline communication and administrative processes.

Akorbi's Collaborative Approach

Akorbi stands ready to work alongside Northside ISD, ensuring the district has the support it needs to effectively include every student and family in the educational community.

Akorbi's Expertise within the Hispanic Community

Akorbi's unparalleled expertise in Spanish, shaped by CEO Claudia Mirza’s Colombian heritage and deep cultural insights, positions us as a prime partner for Northside ISD. Our nuanced understanding of Hispanic linguistic and cultural subtleties enhances our translation and interpretation services, ensuring that communications resonate with the district's Spanish-speaking families.

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Interested in learning how Akorbi can support your school district's language service needs? Contact us today to explore tailored solutions that can help Northside ISD create a more connected and inclusive educational environment.

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