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Marketo Integration with Akorbi

Leverage Akorbi's integration capabilities to complete your translation workflows within Marketo. Our low-code platform, RunMyProcess, facilitates the direct integration of Marketo with your translation systems, quality tools, linguists and more. You now have the ability to translate emails, templates, snippets, and forms directly through Marketo, ensuring high-quality outputs. Plus, conduct quality checks and link with our worldwide network of linguists for precise accuracy.

  • 84% of businesses experience revenue growth after localizing content
  • 6x more engagement on average when content is localized
  • 86% of localized campaigns outperformed English-only campaigns
  • 40% of online users only buy products with content in their native language

Simplicity of Integration

By leveraging system integrations, through RunMyProcess' platform, companies can create automated workflows that ensure all marketing materials are not only translated accurately but also adhere to the highest quality standards before being deployed. For example, an email campaign can be automatically submitted for translation within Marketo, routed through a predefined quality check process, and then reviewed by a selected linguist from a worldwide network—all without leaving the Marketo platform.

Benefits of Marketo-Akorbi Integration

Workflow Efficiency

Integrating all marketing tools into one system helps with both control and accuracy, drastically cutting down on common errors that can arise from managing multiple platforms.

Reduced Costs

This integration reduces the need for additional translation tools and platforms, allowing for more efficient budget management and lower overhead.

Speed to Market

Deploy multilingual marketing campaigns quickly to meet fast-changing market demands, helping your business stay relevant and competitive.

Brand Consistency

Automated tools ensure that every piece of content adheres to your brand guidelines, maintaining a unified brand voice across all languages and markets.

Audience Engagement

By producing content that genuinely reflects the cultural nuances of your audience, you create deeper connections and increase customer engagement.


Easily adjust to changes and updates in your content or strategy without lag, keeping your campaigns fresh and relevant.

Access to Expert Linguists

Integrate Marketo with ADAPT, Akorbi's multimodal language platform, to seamlessly upload and send your translation requests. Our platform grants access to a diverse pool of over 170 professional linguists, each an expert in various languages and sectors. This ensures your marketing messages are not just translated, but also culturally adapted to resonate deeply with your international customers.

Staying on Brand

Our team of linguists is specially trained in the concepts of brand identity and maintaining a consistent image. When you leverage our linguists through integrations with Marketo, you are equipped with a team deeply committed to upholding your brand's integrity. They understand the nuances of your brand guidelines and the importance of a cohesive brand message across all channels. 

Scalability for Expansion

As your business grows, so do your marketing needs. The Akorbi-Marketo integration is designed to grow with you, easily adapting to new languages and markets without the hassle of constant upgrades or reconfigurations. It simplifies expansion into new countries through direct connections with linguists and streamlines workflows by handling more projects at once. Plus, automated quality assurance keeps your content's standards high as you scale, making global expansion quicker and more efficient.

Maximize Your Global Reach

By leveraging the robust capabilities of the Akorbi-Marketo integration, companies can transform their approach to global marketing. This powerful integration not only simplifies the management of multilingual content but also enriches customer interactions across the globe. With streamlined operations, consistent branding, and deep market penetration, your business is well-equipped to thrive in the dynamic and diverse landscape of international commerce.

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