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Akorbi: Your Partner for Workforce Solutions and Staffing

At Akorbi, our focus is partnership. We get to know your business both culturally and operationally. This enables us to customize an effective, scalable solution for you. With each agreement we take a long-term perspective and proactively work for you and your customers, networking on your behalf. We build diverse talent pipelines for the future, reducing time-to-hire, and mitigating turnover.

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Global Staffing Capabilities

We have a network of recruiters who specialize in various market segments and languages. This enables us to recruit top talent across different industries and fulfill your recruitment needs wherever they may arise. Our virtual interview and onboarding processes ensure a seamless experience, connecting you with the right candidates at the right time and at the right price.

Managed Service Providers

Managed services provide a way to reduce cost; mitigate coemployment and independent contractor risk; transform processes; reduce the workload on your internal managers; improve focus on your core business; and improve output. At Akorbi, our partnership approach ensures a smooth transition with no business interruption. Our compassion for our people ensures happy motivated workers. The result is optimum results for you.

Embrace the Power of Diversity with Akorbi

At Akorbi, we're deeply committed to embracing diversity and fairness. Our journey began inspired by the ambitions of women and minority leaders, and now we've grown to serve clients globally. Our diverse team is our strength, and we believe it enhances our ability to support those we work with.

When partnering with us, you're collaborating with a team that values diversity at its core. We strive to offer tailored solutions, drawing from the rich perspectives within our team, to best serve our clients' unique needs.

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When you choose Akorbi, you receive the following benefits:

  1. Reduced project costs as Akorbi assumes responsibility for outsourced functions
  2. Access to specialized skills and services without having to hire in-house experts
  3. Skilled consultants to perform all work, along with dedicated managers to oversee the work
  4. Outsourced efforts delivered and supervised by experienced managers
  5. Streamlined workflows and improved processes
  6. Regular reports and status reviews

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We Speak Over 170 Languages

Akorbi ensures that cultural differences never hinder communication. Our dedicated team is ready to facilitate your global interactions with unmatched precision. Connect with us today and let's navigate the world of languages together.


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