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Most Common Foreign Languages Spoken in Dallas-Fort Worth


Apr 28

Most Common Foreign Languages Spoken in Dallas-Fort Worth

As the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to grow, so does its diversity. Akorbi has had its headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth region since 2005 as our founders recognized the rich culture, history, and population of our beautiful city. Today’s blog from Akorbi, a top Dallas-Fort Worth translation company, explores the most common foreign languages spoken in our area.


Dallas-Fort Worth has an estimated population of 7.5 million people. Around one-third of them speak a language other than English, which makes language services a key element to the region. Healthcare, legal, and financial firms must recognize that success in Dallas-Fort Worth will require them to adapt to the foreign languages spoken here.


As you might expect, Spanish is the most common foreign language spoken in Dallas-Fort Worth. Around 1.7 million people speak Spanish as a native language. Many Spanish speakers come from Mexican ancestors, but there’s also a large population of Salvadorans in our area. In fact, Dallas is home to Salvadoran and Mexican consulates, among 33 total consulates in the area.


Around 72,000 Vietnamese speakers live in Dallas-Fort Worth, making it the second-most popular foreign language in our region. The city of Garland hosts many Vietnamese businesses and cultural activities. St. Peter Vietnamese Catholic Parish hosts church services in Vietnamese every week.


More than 53,000 people speak a dialect of Chinese, such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Formosan, and others. Many of the Chinese speakers in Dallas-Fort Worth live in Plano or Richardson, both of which have vibrant Chinese communities and businesses.

African Languages

Around 40,000 people speak an African language in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our area has one of the largest concentrations of Nigerian-Americans in the United States. Dallas has a Nigerian market and a restaurant. Ethiopians also have a strong presence in DFW. Plano hosts Ethiopian Day every year. There are several Ethiopian restaurants in Dallas, lending to the city’s rich diversity of ethnic cuisine.


More than 22,000 people speak Hindi as a native language in Dallas-Fort Worth. There is a major Indian grocery store with seven locations throughout the metroplex. You can experience the Hindi culture here thanks to the area’s impressive Hindu temples.

Akorbi Is Proud to Call Dallas-Fort Worth Home

Akorbi has been in Dallas-Fort Worth for nearly two decades, and we’re proud to call this area home. The diversity of our region makes us stronger, more compassionate, and better human beings. Our translation company offers a wide range of language services to our clients, including interpretation, localization, translation, workforce staffing solutions, multilingual contact centers, and compliant language solutions. Contact Akorbi or call toll-free 1-877-4-AKORBI for more details on the services we provide.

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