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Nov 20

Streamlining Content Moderation Workflows with Akorbi and RunMyProcess

Streamlining Content Moderation Workflows with Akorbi and RunMyProcess

User-generated content (UGC) is often praised as the gold standard in marketing, and for good reason. It embodies the most genuine and trustworthy form of content available, almost like a modern-day word-of-mouth recommendation. When users share their own stories and experiences with a brand, it not only boosts brand visibility but also creates a sense of community and trust that traditional marketing can't quite match. This level of authenticity helps companies stand out as genuine and trustworthy.

However, UGC does come with its fair share of challenges. The very openness that makes it a powerful tool also brings along certain risks. Unfiltered content can range from being slightly off-brand to potentially causing significant harm, which may lead to controversies or damage to the brand's carefully crafted image. It's like hosting an open house where the whole neighborhood is invited - it's exciting and full of potential, but also unpredictable.

When UGC is generated in various languages, it adds an additional layer of complexity to content moderation. Not only does one need to worry about the quality and appropriateness of the content, but also its proper understanding and interpretation across multiple languages and cultures. A positive, well-intended comment in one language may come off as offensive or inappropriate when poorly translated into another. This linguistic diversity presents both an opportunity for brands to reach wider audiences and a challenge to ensure their message remains consistent and effective. To tackle this complex issue, it's essential to employ robust multilingual content moderation techniques that can effectively parse and evaluate content in numerous languages.

Akorbi's Expertise in Linguistic Content Moderation

At Akorbi, we specialize in linguistic content moderation to support your company's needs. Whether it's filtering out inappropriate content, ensuring brand consistency, or protecting your online presence and reputation, our team combines human judgement and advanced technology to deliver comprehensive solutions. With our expertise in multilingual content moderation, we understand the intricacies of language subtleties, cultural contexts, and global standards.

Automating Content Moderation Workflows

Content moderation workflows are often complex and time-consuming, requiring a high level of consistency and attention to detail. The challenges range from monitoring large volumes of content, dealing with ambiguous or context-dependent cases, to keeping up with evolving guidelines and standards. On top of these challenges, the process can also be incredibly labor-intensive, leading to operational inefficiencies and higher costs.

To effectively tackle UGC and content moderation challenges, we leverage RunMyProcess, our custom low code platform designed for automating workflows. With RunMyProcess, you can seamlessly integrate virtually any system using its extensive library of 2,800 pre-built connectors and open API.

This means you can easily connect your CMS systems, such as WordPress or Drupal, and other systems like Salesforce or Google Drive. Imagine the efficiency of automatically syncing data between your content management system and customer relationship management platform, or effortlessly accessing files from your cloud storage directly within your workflow.

Along with integrating systems, RunMyProcess' intuitive drag and drop interface empowers you to effortlessly create automated tasks and tailor the entire process to suit your specific requirements. This helps to streamline content moderation, ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy, preventing bottlenecks, sluggish response times, and moderation errors.

An Illustrative Workflow Example with Akorbi

Here's a glimpse into a potential workflow crafted by Akorbi, powered by RunMyProcess:

  1. A customer submits a review in Spanish through your platform.
  2. RunMyProcess automatically detects the language and sentiment, flagging any negative or sensitive content.
  3. The flagged content is instantly sent to a native Spanish-speaking moderator within the Akorbi network.
  4. The moderator reviews the content and either approves it for publication, requests revisions, or escalates it for further review within a predefined timeline.
  5. Once approved, the content seamlessly integrates back into your platform, ready for your audience.

This is just a snapshot of the countless possibilities that Akorbi offers. Our workflows are as diverse as the challenges they address, ensuring a solution for every content moderation need.

The Advantages of a Streamlined Workflow

By implementing Akorbi's automated and integrated workflows, your company will experience:

  • Faster turnaround times, ensuring timely moderation and publication.
  • Reduced operational burdens, allowing your team to focus on core business tasks.
  • Consistent brand representation across languages and cultures.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction due to a responsive and respectful online environment.

Partner with Akorbi for Content Moderation Excellence

Content moderation is not just a necessity – it's an opportunity to demonstrate your brand's commitment to quality, safety, and respect in the digital world. Akorbi provides the linguistic expertise and technological solutions necessary to transform this complex challenge into your competitive advantage. Let's collaborate and create a digital experience that your customers trust and champion.

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