Solutions Tailored to the Government Sector

Discover tailored language services at Akorbi specifically designed to meet the distinct requirements of government agencies. Our comprehensive range of language solutions is personalized to overcome language barriers, optimize workflows, and guarantee utmost constituent satisfaction. Leverage our expertise to confidently navigate linguistic obstacles, streamline operations, and cultivate a more inclusive and efficient government ecosystem. 

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Expert Government Translations

In a world where information is power, government agencies need to reach diverse populations with critical information. That's where Akorbi comes in. With our proven track record, we specialize in translating and localizing essential documents like legal contracts, legislative materials, and public service announcements. Picture a state government ensuring equal access to healthcare policies by translating them into multiple languages. Our meticulous approach guarantees accurate and culturally appropriate translations, forging meaningful connections with different language communities. Say goodbye to communication barriers and hello to effective communication for all.

Multilingual Customer Support for Government Agencies

Akorbi specializes in multilingual customer support services designed for government agencies looking to provide exceptional assistance across language barriers. Imagine a federal immigration agency partnering with Akorbi to create a multilingual customer support center, where our trained professionals offer personalized guidance and support to visa applicants in their preferred language. Through effective communication and addressing concerns, our services enhance constituent satisfaction and promote inclusivity. From call centers to helplines and online support platforms, Akorbi enables government agencies to bridge language gaps and deliver outstanding customer support to constituents.

Seamless, Real-Time Interpretation

Experience efficient and effective communication in the government sector with our professional interpreters. Whether it's during meetings, public hearings, or emergency situations, our skilled interpreters excel in facilitating seamless interactions. Picture this: a multilingual press conference conducted by a federal agency, with journalists from diverse language backgrounds asking questions and receiving immediate responses, thanks to our interpreters. With proficiency in over 170 languages, we bridge language gaps and foster inclusive dialogue.

Streamline Complex Workflows and Boost Efficiency

Government agencies navigate intricate systems, but Akorbi understands the terrain. Our team specializes in effortlessly integrating language services into existing infrastructure. Picture this: a state department incorporating our cutting-edge language services into their online portal. Suddenly, constituents can access vital information and services in multiple languages, without any disruption. Our seamless integration capabilities guarantee a streamlined and efficient transition, empowering agencies to effortlessly extend their reach and serve diverse populations.

Akorbi is a Certified BuyBoard Vendor

As a certified BuyBoard partner, Akorbi brings unparalleled value to public entities. Our new status as an approved vendor on the BuyBoard purchasing cooperative opens doors to substantial savings and streamlined procurement for public schools, government agencies, and non-profits. We're here to enhance your communication strategies with a diverse portfolio of professional language solutions, offering significant discounts across our services, from on-site interpretation to over-the-phone support.

We Speak Over 170 Languages

Akorbi ensures that cultural differences never hinder communication. Our dedicated team is ready to facilitate your global interactions with unmatched precision. Connect with us today and let's navigate the world of languages together.


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