Translating Success with Integrated Translation Management Systems

The integration of Translation Management Systems can revolutionize your business operations. By coupling your existing systems with a TMS, you can automate your language service workflows, eliminating the need for redundant, manual work. This automation not only increases efficiency but also ensures accuracy and consistency in your translations, thereby enhancing your global communication strategy.

By building a connection between your Translation Management System and other systems, you enable a seamless, automated workflow that simplifies the process of managing multiple languages across various platforms. This essentially allows your business to accurately communicate and engage with international audiences, ultimately driving growth and global success.

Integration Made Easy

RunMyProcess serves as a bridge to connect your Transportation Management System (TMS) with other operational systems and tools within your organization. This connectivity is pivotal for streamlining workflows and ensuring that data flows seamlessly across different departments. Here are some benefits of using RMP for integrating your TMS to various systems:

Ease of Integration

RunMyProcess provides a user-friendly interface and a range of pre-built connectors, making it easy to integrate your TMS with other systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and more. The platform also offers a drag-and-drop process designer which simplifies the integration process further, requiring less technical expertise to set up.


Compatibility with Various TMS Providers

Whether you're using a popular TMS or a niche one, RunMyProcess's broad support for various TMS providers ensures that you won't need to overhaul your existing setup. The platform's flexible architecture can adapt to different TMS configurations, making it a versatile choice for many organizations.

Smooth Workflow Creation

By connecting your TMS to other systems, RunMyProcess facilitates the automation of routine tasks, hence promoting a smooth and effortless workflow. This seamless integration helps in reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors, and ensuring that all systems are updated in real-time, which is crucial for making informed decisions quickly.

Support for Customization

Besides the out-of-the-box connectors, RunMyProcess allows for custom integration solutions. This is beneficial for addressing unique workflow challenges and ensuring that the integration meets the specific needs of your organization.


As your business grows, you may need to update or expand your TMS. RunMyProcess is built to scale, allowing for easy modifications to your integrations as your operational needs evolve.

Monitoring and Analytics

RunMyProcess provides monitoring tools and analytics to track the performance of your integrations, giving insights into your workflow efficiency and helping identify areas for improvement.

Automation at its Finest

One of the biggest pain points in language service workflows is manual tasks. Not only are they time-consuming, but they also increase the risk of errors and delays. With RunMyProcess, you can automate these mundane tasks and free up your team's valuable time for more important projects.

Our platform offers a variety of automation capabilities, including:

  • Automated project creation and assignment
  • Real-time project tracking and status updates
  • Automatic notifications for deadlines and approvals

Streamline Your TMS Workflows

Translation Management Systems are essential for handling translation projects efficiently. However, they often lack the capability to connect with other systems and tools, causing disruptions in your workflow. RunMyProcess bridges this gap by acting as a connection between your TMS and other platforms.

Our platform offers the following benefits for your TMS workflows:

  • Seamless integration with other systems and tools
  • Customizable workflow automation
  • Real-time data synchronization for accurate project tracking

Let Akorbi's RunMyProcess Propel Your Operations

Akorbi's RunMyProcess is the solution to simplify and optimize your language service workflows. With seamless integration with TMS and automation capabilities, you can streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and reduce manual errors. Don't let lack of connectivity hold you back from global success – let RunMyProcess handle your translation projects while you focus on growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your language service workflows.

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